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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is included in the price of the DBB Morticer?
    A: Every DBB Morticer Kit comes in a heavy duty case, the jig of your choice, self centring or adjustable stops, drive shaft, three wood cutters and an instruction manual.

    Q: Are there any additional and special accessories for the DBB morticer?
    A: Yes. We provide spare parts for each individual piece of the Morticer – see our section on Spare Parts for the full list of our off-the-shelf replacement parts.

    Q: Are there any instructions with the DBB Morticer?
    A: Yes. We provide a comprehensive instruction manual that is complete with illustrations and written instructions. It is an easy to follow guide for either the novice or for the experienced professional.

    Q: What cutters come with the Jig?
    A: Usually 3 popular wood cutters. Ask your supplier for precise details.

    Q: What are the cutters made from?
    A: Mortice wood cutters are carbide tipped. Plunging and aluminium cutters are HSS.

    Q: Can the wood cutters be re-sharpened?
    A: Yes. The instruction manual provides advice and instructions on sharpening.

    Q: Can I plunge with the wood cutters
    A: Yes, four (4) sizes of plunging cutters are now available.

    Q: How deep can the Jig cut?
    A: 90mm with the Standard shaft (100mm without depth stop)
    170mm with the Long shaft (180mm without depth stop)
    Longer shafts are also available.

    Q: What is the bearing system?
    A: These are sintered bronze bushes impregnated with oil

    Q: How long do the bearings last?
    A: Typically, they will last 2-300 lock installations

    Q: Are replacement bushes available?
    A: They are available, but require specialist equipment to replace. We suggest ordering a housing kit instead which comes pre-assembled and takes just a minute to change over.

    Q: What thickness of door will the jig suit?
    A: Standard morticers will suit doors up to 55mm thick. For doors 55mm+ use the DBB/HK/S
    Offset Morticers will suit doors up to 95mm thick, but this jig is not self- centring!

    Q: Will the jig work on aluminium?
    A: Yes, there are 4 cutters for aluminium doors. See the leaflet for precise details.

    Q: Do you have cutters for steel doors?
    A: No, not at present, but we have plans to develop some.

    Q: Do I have to keep re-setting the jig when I take it off the door?
    A: If the locks and door thicknesses are the same, you can use the tube clip at the top to create a ‘datum’ for repeat work. Simply slide the clip down to the top clamp. This will enable the user to cut identical holes without any re-setting.

    Q: Does the Jig come with a drilling machine?
    A: No, you have to provide your own.

    Q: Is there a recommended Drill specification?
    A: 800 Watt, 13mm (1/2″) Chuck and 2-3000 rpm is an ideal drill, but not SDS. Impact/hammer must be set to ‘off’.

    Q: Can the jig be used to install electric locks?
    A: Yes,there are two (2) long drills and a long drill adapter to drill through the door for lock cables.

    Q: How do I prevent the knots in doors forcing the long drill off-line?
    A: Both Long Drills use special geometry so that it wants to stay on line. Our instructions explain how to keep the drill central.


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